Sarah Jessica Parker’s Weird Pink Dress Is an Epic Style Mistake

sarah jessica parkerAs Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker took some pretty outrageous fashion risks. They were the sort of ensembles that would have the bitchy friend in your life go, "oh honey noooo" should you swan into a room trying to match the Sex and the City star's style. Carrie rocked some major looks -- but it worked because she was a character, not a real person.

Sadly it doesn't look like Sarah Jessica Parker got this memo. Man. That was snide of me. Look, let the record show I'm a total hypocrite. I'm sitting here digging into someone who I think is beautiful and talented for wearing a dress the Internet has decided was a "fail" all the while wearing ragged sneakers and a neck scarf with some cats on it. Ah well, such is a blogger's life, yeah?


Whatever, whatever. Sarah's pink dress was totally Carrie, but it wasn't very Sarah. The dress seemed almost woefully out of place. It was like that one Gary Larson cartoon where the penguin is going "I've got to be me!" In this scenario, her dress is the penguin desperate to share its hopeless message of individuality. I have penned it a letter.

"Dear Weirdly Out of Place Pink Dress on Sarah Jessica Parker's Body:

Hello! How are you? Pink, I presume? (LOL.) So I just wanted to drop you a note right quick. While I appreciate your cut and your color and your jaunty spirit, you don't really seem appropriate in the context within which you have presented yourself.

No! Don't cry! That's weird! I'm not saying I hate you, I'm just saying that maybe you should return to your original calling -- being the garb for an olde tyme prostitute from the wild west or an '80s dress used by little girls now as a princess dress-up frock. Going out in public pretending to be a good option for a formal event in modern times isn't showing you at your best.

Also tell the jacket covering you I hate him.



Do you think the dress works or is a total flop?


Image via Noam Galai/Stringer/Getty

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