What Your Lipstick Says About You


Photo by JayGirlsMom

Did you know that the shape of your lipstick can reveal things about you?

JayGirlsMom (seen in the pretty photo at right) and I were talking about our favorite lipstick. She swears by L'Oreal's Infallible Never Fail Lipstick in Almandine -- it lasts all day and when she kisses her daughter, it doesn't come off on her.

My favorite shade? Revlon's ColorStay Soft & Smooth Lipcolor in Divine Port Wine. It stays on even after some light smooching. 

But what about the shape of your lipstick? After many uses, lipsticks take on a shape -- rounded, flat, pointed...which one are you?


Makeup artist Martin Armand has a great chart about what the shape of your lipstick reveals about your personality.


Photo from Drugstore.com

Slanted on one side with slight curve -- you are reserved and love making schedules.

Slanted on one side with a large curve -- you are creative, helpful, and love attention.

Sharp angle/slope tip (like in photo) -- you are opinionated, high-spirited, and selective.

Rounded and smooth -- you are easy-going, generous, and a peacemaker.

Rounded and to a point -- you are lovable, yet stubborn, and very family oriented.

Sharp point, like a pencil -- you are spiritual, curious, and mysterious.

Flat top -- you are to the point, dependable, and have high morals.

Concave -- you are adventurous, complex, and make a great detective.

My lipstick revealed that I am opinionated, high-spirited, and selective. Hmm...sometimes I am. OK...now go dig out your lipstick and let me know what yours says about you!

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