Lea Michele's New Tattoo Says So Much About Her Love for Cory Monteith

lea michele cut out calvin kleinIt's only been four months since Lea Michele lost the love of her life, so it's not all that surprising that she hasn't been very forthcoming about the details behind boyfriend Cory Monteith's death. She may never be, for that matter. But there's a small piece of what they shared that she's willing to show the world: A new ribcage tattoo that says "If you say so," which were Cory's last words to LeaUgh ... heart-wrenching!

The new ink was visible when Lea wore a cut-out Calvin Klein dress on the red carpet of ELLE's 20th Annual Women in Hollywood event. I wonder if the dress was actually designed that way to show off the ink ...? Given how private Lea's been in the wake of the tragedy in general, I doubt it. And given how tight-lipped she's been, it's sort of surprising that she shared details about the tattoo with Elle, but she did!


Lea confirmed that her new ink is for Cory. She also mentioned that she's working with Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler to write a song about Cory titled "If You Say So." And even though it sounds like both the tat and the song are healthy ways she's been coping with his passing, it's still heartbreaking to hear ...

Rumor has it Lea actually has something like 15 tattoos and all are said to have very personal meaning. So it should make sense that this new tat would be a part of her grieving process. To me, that seems that honoring something near and dear to your heart is the best -- if not only! -- way to go with body art. And no doubt: It's certainly a beautiful, heartfelt way for the young star to pay tribute to her late love.

What do you think about Lea's new ink? How do you feel about tattoos created in memory of a loved one?


Image via Splash News

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