Heidi Montag Trades in Her Giant Implants for Less Large Ones

Heidi Montag finally came to her senses and decided that maybe size F boobs weren’t all they were cracked up to be. She told E! News, “I do regret getting the implants,” before she underwent the knife ... for new implants.

Wait -- what?? I guess she only regretted getting such big ones. This time around she’s opted for much more modest D-cups. The reality star said, “I put my security and sexuality in my breast size instead of my confidence.” Apparently her confidence hasn’t grown to the point where she can just accept her body the way it is.              


She said she wasn’t warned by her doctor about the health implications of having ginormous melons on her otherwise petite frame. Gee, I guess her doc thought she had some brain cells to rub together for common sense. Seriously Heidi? You didn’t know that F-cups would make your back hurt? Well ok then.

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Heidi’s been in physical pain for years, including suffering from a ruptured disk in her neck, muscular and spinal damage in her back, and numbness in her arm from pinched nerves.

She had some advice to offer women considering getting giant implants -- she thinks they should really think about it and research it. Bless her heart.

Have you had plastic surgery? Would you consider it?

Image via BDHQ/Flickr

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