Get a Glam Salon Manicure at Home (PHOTOS)

Salon_Manicure_At_HomeLike any woman, I appreciate a good manicure. I love the chance to take an hour or so break in my day, head to the salon, and walk out with perfectly manicured nails and loose shoulders (hey, the massage is my favorite part!). The only problem? All those salon manicures start to add up. If you were to get a manicure every other week for $12 a pop, twice a month, that's $288 a year! (That's also before the $2 tip.)

Well what if I were to tell you that for about $30, you can have all the materials you need to do at least 12 manicures on your own at home? And it gets better: You can do them just as well as at the salon.

I swear, it's possible! Check out our guide for how to get a salon manicure at home:


Do you think you could do this on your own at home?


Images via Emily Abbate