12 Elegant Brides Who Showed Off Tattoos on the Big Day (PHOTOS)

kailyn lowry half sleeve tattoo wedding dressAlmost a year and a half ago, Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry drummed up fiery debate by declaring that she'd be a tattooed bride. She asked followers, "Who says brides with half sleeves can't be beautiful?!" then vowed "I'll have both half sleeves & proud in my wedding dress." Fast-forward to this September, and Kailyn stayed true to herself, rocking her ink down the aisle on ther wedding day.

Of course Kailyn's not the only elegant bride to show off her tattoos while saying "I do!" Here, 11 more tattooed brides in stunning wedding day styles that put their beautiful body art on full display ...

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Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

  • 12 Show-Stopping Brides with Tattoos

  • The bride wore red


    Image via PogoPhoto.com

    This unconventional bride wore red for her elopement and showed off her equally bright, colorful upper arm ink on a beautiful summer day in New Hampshire.

  • Stunning sleeves


    Absolutely adore how all the bold colors of this bride's arm tattoos come together with her vivid bouquet and romantic dark 'do!

  • Who says ink can't be romantic?


    Image via submitted photo

    This beautiful blonde bride is picture perfect in an oh-so-sweet and feminine wedding dress, carrying her deep purple bouquet, and sporting that upper arm piece that gives her just a touch of edge.

  • Full-sleeves glam


    Image via submitted photo

    This bride's full sleeves were on full display on her wedding day, and she couldn't have looked more Hollywood glam!

  • Sweet ink


    Image via submitted photo

    Caught up in the romance of the day, this trendy bride had an edgy haircut and pretty ink paired with her equally stunning dress and veil!

  • Saying yes to showing off the ink!


    Image via submitted photo

    In a classic strapless dress, this bold bride showed off her upper arm ink.

  • Bride, groom & baby


    Image via submitted photo

    Looks like this beautifully-inked bride is in heaven with her new hubby and their baby on the way!

  • This princess dress pairs well with a bold piece


    Image via submitted photo

    This bride's regal off-the-shoulder look worked well with her rainbow-colored upper arm tattoo.

  • Celebrating in tropical style


    Image via submitted photo

    Love how this bride showed off her upper arm piece and calf work while celebrating her tropical nuptials!

  • Making a subtle statement


    Image via submitted photo

    This bride's pretty subtle body art almost looks like a wedding accessory when paired with her lovely vintage-style gown.

  • You may kiss the beautifully tattooed bride!


    Image via submitted photo

    This over-the-moon bride's low-back dress showcased the personal body art on her back!

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