Christina Ricci's Surprisingly Conservative Wedding Gown

christina ricci I have always adored Christina Ricci. She's stylish and exceptionally cool. When I was a kid, I wanted to be her best friend. This is probably because I watched Now and Then roughly a million times. Also Casper, but that is neither here nor there. I've also loved watching the professional transition Ricci made from teen star to grownup actress. As we know, that path can be bumpy.

But Christina handled it with grace, recently starring in the short-lived T.V. series Pan Am. Even though the show was canceled, it was not a total loss for Christina. On set she met the man she now calls hubby, James Heerdegen. Christina shared pics of her stunning gown on Twitter with her fans. 


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I have to say, when I heard Riccardo Tisci was responsible for the Givenchy wedding gown, I was skeptical. After all, this is the man who brought us pregnant Kim Kardashian's horrific floral print Met Gala disaster. He thinks big, but sometimes it seems like his concepts overpower their wearer. Since Christina is petite, this seemed like a serious concern.

I am pleased to report that I was totally incorrect. The gown is a real stunner. From the sleek silhouette to the cut-out full-length sleeves, it manages to highlight Christina's body perfectly, while still being -- dare I say it -- pretty conservative! She looks great and clearly feels beautiful, that's everything a bride wants on her wedding day.

Do you prefer a more conservative or slightly edgier look when it comes to bridal fashion?


Image via Twitter

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