Prince Harry's Girlfriend & Kate Middleton Are More Alike Than It Looks

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cressida bonasWith hype about Prince Harry soon proposing, the spotlight is shining on his girlfriend Cressida Bonas like never before. All eyes are on where she's going, what she's doing, and of course, what she's wearing ... Her trendy, boho chic style has won her the nickname of the "anti-Kate Middleton" by some royal watchers.

Case in point: Cressida raised more than a few eyebrows this week when she went out for coffee in London sporting Isabel Marant-esque wedge sneakers. Apparently, Pippa Middleton wore similar shoes last year  -- so not only is there some "tsk"-ing going about how Cressida is so behind the times for wearing them now, but also how Harry's love's style also seems much more comparable to Kate's younger sis than the Duchess herself. But ... I'm not so sure about that.

As evidenced by other recent pics, Kate's not above rockin' sneakers when appropriate. Okay, her Mint Velvet kicks weren't exactly wedge or uber-trendy. They were definitely more preppy than the ones Cressida wore, but still! I could definitely see Cressie and Kate hitting up Topshop or perusing the latest styles at Zara together. After all, Kate wasn't always so into clean lines, suit dresses, L.K. Bennett pumps, and Issa wrap dresses. She's certainly had her dressed-down or fashion risk-taking moments! (Hello, anyone remember the sheer dress that won her future husband's attention!?)

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That said, even if Cressie's not quite in sync with the Duchess's current classic, timeless fashion sense, I love what Cressida seems to have to offer. She strikes me as unique, colorful, innovative! And as far as royal watching goes, seeing what she brings to the table style-wise -- if she does end up marrying Harry! -- will certainly make for fabulous entertainment.

Are you into Cressida's style? What do you think she could learn from or teach Kate about fashion?


Image via Scott Heppell/AP/Corbis

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nonmember avatar ana

why do i care?

Donna Moore

oh leave the poor girl alone so she not kate i dont think she wants to be a kate cllon she is her own person as is kate i dont think the duthess would want that either there 2 different people you dont always have to be a fashin plate maybe she is coffmy in her own skin price harry likes it thats all that matters

Julie Ma

I think Cressida should be left alone. Poor girl gets harassed and compared to Kate Middleton by the media simply because she is dating a prince.

Who cares what she wears, and what if it's different than Kate's elegant style? Cressida is her own person and can wear what she wants. She shouldn't have to pander to the public, and she is in no way Kate Middleton. They are two different people.

I hope Cressida and Harry are very happy together!

Emily Grindall Dame

We have to remember that Harry IS the wild child and obviously he's never going to be attracted to somebody uber-conventional. If he and Cressida marry I'm guessing we'll see her tone down her style to fit into the monarchy lifestyle.

nonmember avatar NoWay

I guess a jeans and t-shirt girl like me would never be fit to marry a prince. *sigh* I'm glad my husband loves me for ME and not my clothes. Maybe Prince Harry feels the same way about his love. Jeez.

Evelyn Joyce Mccabe

I think she look great. What is wrong with what she has on? He is not looking for a replica of Kate he is his own man.

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