Pamela Anderson's Pixie Haircut Makes Her Look ... Nothing Like Pam Anderson

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pamela andersonWhen you think Pamela Anderson, you probably don't think "Parisian chic", right? It's undeniable that the actress and activist is drop dead gorgeous, but her look has always been very ... over-the-top, as opposed to, say, sophisticated cool. But not any more. Pamela cut her hair into a pixie recently, and I don't think I'm alone when I say: Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

The Baywatch star was all but unrecognizable when out in LA recently with her ex-husband, Rick Saloman. Anderson wore a Breton striped dress with a demure cream cardigan; cat eye sunglasses; and her new 'do. Her new 'do, people! Gah, I love this cut so much! It takes a brave woman to rock a pixie cut, and let's get real here: It ain't an easy look to pull of. Pam? She pulls it off. With gusto. She actually looks a little bit like Michelle Williams, don't you agree?

Pam hasn't said why she decided to chop all her hair off, but judging by her choice of clothing, it seems like she just wanted a change of pace. And, I, for one, couldn't be more into this. Anderson looks stylish, fresh, and a few years younger with this haircut. Almost makes me want to cut my own hair off ... Almost.

What do you think of Pam's pixie cut? Have you ever chopped all your hair off?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty



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nonmember avatar Zach

Huh. I've never noticed her hair before.

Lilit... Lilith.23

I think it's absolutly adorable, love it!

I shaved my head when i was 16 because my 6 year old sister had stuck gum all over her hair and my mom had to cut it. She was so embarrassed so i shaved mine too, wasn't going to let my sister feel bad and we seriously looked awesome.

MamaY... MamaYankee

She looks GORGEOUS!

nonmember avatar rachel

Not being a fan of short hair I was really expecting to find this hideous - I stand corrected, she looks fabulous!!!

spook... spooknrun

Lilith, you're a great big sister! Awwww!

Kimbe... Kimberlyrose83

I think it really ages her, not everyone can pull off that look.

PS. Lilith is awesome!


I have never viewed Pamela Anderson as drop dead gorgeous. I think some men might have found her sexy but she has always come off cheap and attainable (to me).

rosey... roseyoungstewar

so   where is the picture?  the  only picture i get is  in a  red dress with her usual long hair.

nonmember avatar buy_HTC_phones

with long hair she is the best

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