Mind-Blowing ‘Body Evolution’ Completely Transforms Model (VIDEO)

photoshopped modelUgh, Photoshop. Is the proliferation of photoshopped magazine covers and advertisements making us feel worse about ourselves? Or are we all onto the joke and becoming immune to its tricks? I tend to thing we go back and forth between the two. Well this "Body Evolution" video showing the power of Adobe Photoshop to totally transform the appearance of a human being almost makes me wonder why we bother with human models at all. 

In this time-lapse video you can see how this transformation happens -- the air-brushing, the lengthening, the narrowing, even what they do to this woman's eyes. It's amazing what technology can make happen. And it's just a little bit depressing. Why do we even need to see people looking like this? 


Check out the before and after.

photoshopped model

Crazy, right? The woman on the right doesn't even look quite human. In fact, seeing these two women side by side, I like the "real" version a whole lot better.

But here's the thing -- we usually see images like the one on the right in isolation, without the "real" image to compare it to. I feel like we've gotten so caught up in what's possible digitally (or surgically) that we forget to ask ourselves what's healthy, or what's going to bring us contentment. But then, many of these images are created in the service of advertising, which thrives on our feelings of discontent.

But we know that.

We know. And yet, no matter how many times I remind myself that images can be digitally altered I still find myself sometimes feeling inadequate when I see someone looking especially... perfect. Know what I mean? You're not human if you don't feel like that every once in a while, no matter how wise you are.

I think I should keep this video handy for the next time I find myself yearning for perfection. And then I'll remember to look more closely at all the real people around me and appreciate our beautiful flaws



Image via Try10000time/YouTube

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