Hot New Beauty Trend May Change the Way You Buy Products Forever

makeup vending machine l'oreal parisEver been on your way to the office, happy hour, a party and realized you completely forgot your go-to makeup? The lipstick you love that stays so well, the smoky eye shadow that perfectly pairs with your leather jacket, your signature feathery-lash mascara? Ooh, or worst of all -- your powder foundation you rely on to mask any pop-up blemishes. Ugh. I know the sinking feeling that comes with forgetting any or all of those purse staples all too well! But now, there may finally be hope for those of us who are in need of makeup on the run, thanks to a growing trend of makeup vending machines! Pure genius!

And one of the latest ones -- the L’Oréal "Intelligent Color Experience" interactive vending machine system -- is even smarter than it sounds ...


You stand in front of a full-length mirror, and digital animations featuring potential makeup combos pop up next to your image and offer full-size products (which you can buy on the spot, obvs) that either “Match” or “Clash” with whatever you’re wearing. You can choose from various eye, lip, and nail products from L’Oréal’s Colour Riche collection as well as the brand’s newly launched Voluminous Butterfly mascara.

Of course it's a gimmick -- a temporary one at that, which you can only visit in one subway station in Bryant Park, NYC until the end of the holiday season -- but it's a really freakin' cool one! I love the idea that it not only sells full-sized cosmetics, but basically acts as your own personal makeup artist, as well. So fun!

This isn't the first beauty product vending machine out there. As points out, Benefit, 3FLOZ, and Sephora all offer this service in various airports around the country. Still, the idea that more of 'em may be cropping up is definitely exciting news for those of us who could always stand to have a little more beauty on the go! 

Would you use a makeup vending machine?


Image via lorealparisusa/Instagram

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