10 Things You Can Find in Your Kitchen to Make Your Hair Grow

hair growthHair loss is still one of those things that is thought of as happening to men only when they get older. Hey, we get the saggy tits -- you guys get bald! But women suffer from hair loss too. Believe it or not, women make up 40 percent of hair loss sufferers! A new method of regrowing hair is showing promise, though. Apparently human skin cells can be used to regenerate hair growth. But so far this has only been tested in mice and human skin cell shampoo can't be found on pharmacy shelves anywhere -- YET. Until then, here's some all-natural ways that might help regrow lost hair.


1. Healthy diet. Eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and lean meat products. Protein, vitamin C, iron, and essential fatty acids are especially important to hair growth. I'm pretty sure Catherine Zeta-Jones follows this diet.

2. Oils. Natural oils such as Jojoba, wheat, peppermint, lavender, fig, castor, Burdock root, and rosemary are said by some to stimulate hair growth. All can be safely rubbed into the scalp and left on for at least half an hour. You can probably slip through a keyhole now too.

3. Stinging nettle and saw palmetto. Can be used in pill or capsule form, or fresh leaves can be immersed in olive oil for a few days and then rubbed vigorously into the scalp.

4. Curry leaves and coconut tonic. One recipe says to boil the two together until a black residue starts forming, then use the residue on hair twice a week. No need to mix with rice.

5. Vinegar. Word has it if you wash your hair with vinegar, it restores the hair's natural pH balance and removes product buildup that can suffocate hair growth. You might smell like a salad, but hey, you'll have Gisele Bundchen-like hair!

6. Egg yolk. Apparently if you mix raw egg yolk and olive oil and use it as a hair mask, your locks will flow like Heather Locklear's. FYI, you can also make an omelet with the leftovers.

7. Bananas. Mash up a few bananas, apply to hair, cover with a mask, and you'll smell delish. And your hair might even grow.

8. Avacado and coconut oil. Microwave the coconut oil (one teaspoon) until warm, mash up some avacado, and apply first the oil, then the mash to your hair.

9. Onion juice and honey. This won't smell as grand as the bananas, but one recipe says to juice up a small onion, add a teaspoon of honey, and apply to hair overnight. Hope your sweetie doesn't mind.

10. Mayonnaise. Get your hair damp, not soaking wet, and apply any kind of mayo. Let sit for about 20 minutes. Warning: This remedy might make you crave an egg salad sandwich.

Have you ever used any of these remedies for hair growth?


Image via Michael Hardgrove Photo/Kiri Blakeley

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