Naomi Campbell Confronts Victoria Beckham About Racism in Fashion

naomi campbellNaomi Campbell isn't the easiest person on the planet to love. I mean, she's easy to lust after. Have you seen her? She's about a million feet tall and gorgeous enough to have been a supermodel since she was 15. Not being beautiful has never been her problem. Anger management, on the other hand, is something the woman struggles with on the regs.

Many the joke has been made about crossing Naomi Campbell. Hold on to your cellphones, everyone, model on the warpath! It isn't just assistants who tremble in fear, Campbell's even feuded with other professional hotties like Tyra Banks. So imagine my surprise to hear that Naomi's doing something cool enough that I kind of would risk ... being her friend. Naomi is fighting racism in the fashion world.


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Naomi recently became a part of an organization called the Diversity Coalition, whose other members include the likes of Somalian supermodel Iman. These women don't just sit around discussing the racial disparity in the fashion world -- they are DOING something about it. Together, the coalition penned a scathing but totally fair and direct letter to designers who either don't feature or BARELY feature any women on color in their runway shows.

Chief among them? Naomi's buddy Victoria Beckham. Naomi picked up her cellphone, but this time used it for good, not evil (sorry but I HAD to). In addition to making sure Posh got the letter, Naomi went the extra mile and spoke one-on-one to her friend. Posh's recent show featured just one black model. In a way, that's kind of worse than no black models at all -- it's classic tokenism. I never thought I'd see the day Naomi would figure out how to use her strength for good, but I'm glad it's arrived.

Do you think Naomi's efforts with the coalition will make real change in the fashion world, or is the industry just too messed up already?


Image via Axel Koester

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