Catherine Giudici's 'Wedding Dress' Leaves Us Very Confused (PHOTO)

wedding dress

Huh. I'm really not sure what to make of this one, you guys. Catherine Giudici shared this wedding dress photo on Instagram -- alongside what appears to be a black, heart-shaped piece of ... something.

I've stared at the black thing over and over again and can't figure out what it is, but one thing's for sure -- this simply can't be the gown that she plans on wearing when she finally marries Sean Lowe. What bride in her right mind shares a photo of her wedding dress with the world before her groom even has the chance to see it?!?


She didn't caption the picture, because apparently she wants to make curious fans like me crazy -- but something about this frock must have intrigued her enough to share it.

Perhaps she's interested in a similar style for her big day and wanted to gather a few opinions before saying yes to the dress?

In that case, here it goes. It's pretty in a modern, trendy sort of way -- but it's definitely not what I'd picture a bride wearing for a big, lavish wedding that's going to be broadcast live on national television.

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I envision her in something much more traditional, with a long train, maybe a little bit of beading around the waist, and definitely more of an A-line shape. Oh, and another thing -- the dress in the photo doesn't look too easy to dance in. And since there's a chance that DWTS pro Peta Murgatroyd will choreograph the first dance -- Catherine definitely needs a gown she can shake her thing in.

Yeah ... if I had to guess, I'd say she either threw this gown up to tease us -- or to make sure she doesn't make a huge mistake in picking out the perfect dress to become Mrs. Lowe in. I mean, can you come up with one good reason why she'd show off her real gown of choice?

What style of dress do you think Catherine should choose for her wedding?


Image via Instagram

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