Kate Middleton Looks Stunning in Her Most Casual Look Yet

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Kate MiddletonKate Middleton has done it again! And by "it" I mean shocked us with her innate ability to look glam and gorgeous in the most basic, practical clothes. This time, she has jaws dropping over a super-casual ensemble she sported while shopping for palace decor at Zara Home on Friday.

The new mom wore suede sneakers (for real!) -- which E! reports are likely $127 Mint Velvet shoes -- skinny dark blue jeans, a cream cardigan, and a polka-dot blouse, which the Duchess accessorized with a pretty, simple gold pendant and earrings. Her hair was up in a pretty ponytail, and she was only wearing a "spot" of makeup -- perhaps a bit of eyeliner and blush. Minimalist never looked so good! We're loving everything about this look!

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Especially the sneakers. Don't get me wrong -- I love her signature L.K. Bennett pumps and even those wedges she donned when she played volleyball recently just as much as the next fashionista, but there's something so refreshing and charming about seeing her low-key it up. She's proving you don't have to wear heels to look pulled together and chic. Heck, you don't even need to have your hair perfectly coiffed or be wearing photo-ready makeup!

Now let's just hope that Mint Velvet is ready for the onslaught of attention the Duchess's appearance in their kicks is sure to bring! 

What are your thoughts on the Duchess's uber-casual look? Are you coveting those sneakers now?


Image via i-Images, PacificCoastNews

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nonmember avatar Abdi fatah

Honourable Kate,starting from your royal baby born,i was sending you and Prince wilian un known number of message,and a lways i support to Royal family and Queen, please contact me if you are pure human thanks

nonmember avatar Abdi fatah

Honourable Kate,always i support you and Prince Wilian as well as the whole Royal Family,but my problem is my messages did not reach to you,how could i send you a message directly? Thanks

Lenor... Lenore411

I usually hate oozing gooey fashion articles...  But I do have to agree that she looks great!  My son is 3 and I'm still not overly stylish, casual to me is skinny jeans, sneakers and less makeup then that.  But then again I'm not Royalty!

Linda Jorgenson

Royal or not she is a beauty!

Renate Donaldson

To the Most Adorned Duchess Kate you have all your Publican in the Palm of your Hand , you truly
are the best that has entered into the Royal Palace with Prince William as your Husband and now a Baby BOY to have in your Life It is truly a Delight to be able to share and read of your strong believe to lead a life as Normal as possible it is so refreshing to know that you don't wish to life in a FISH BOWL JUST AS PRINCES DIANA had planed for her BOY'S to be as giving and caring for those that have unfortunately not all what is so easily at your fingertips , You both have my deep admiration in what you do and want for your Immediate Family . Cheers from Renate Donaldson of AUSTRALIA God be with you and bless you and keep you all safe

Eleanor Johnson

She is only a woman and a human being what do you expect?

Kam Fung

Don't know what they look like! There's no pictures of the descriptions from this article.

Randi... Randijt154

Why not paste the correct picture on the article? I hate it when I click on a "fashion" update and the pictures make no sense....you actually get paid for a halfway article?

music... musicboxx

She was wearing stripes; not polka dots, and this is a photo that was taken before her pregnancy with Prince Georgie. Sloppy job you are doing there!stork

Truth... Trutherford85

Wow! First you didn't even put the actual photo in your piece, then wen I click to the actual E! Online article it's like you stole the entire article from them! You literally just moved things around & paraphrased! What a joke! Yes, Kate looked, as usual, AMAZING! But dang, write YOUR OWN ARTICLE instead of stealing E! Onlines & just rewording it! I could've done better! PATHETIC

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