Recycle Your Old Styles for Cooler Looks -- Even Celebs Do It!

woman closetCleaning and organizing my closet is a bit of a zen koan for me. In times of stress and strife, I can often be found frozen in front of my closet. I consider the sweaters. I focus on the floral prints. I breathe in and release the khaki. I'm a firm believer that if you keep your closet organized, you'll feel more organized inside. Even your organs will jump into alignment*.

Sometimes I get overzealous. It's the result of too much diet cola and unhappiness. When that happens, my poor wardrobe often suffers under my harsh ministrations. Pants that were perfectly acceptable the day before are exiled to my donation pile. While I am a staunch proponent of clothing donation, culling items too quickly can leave you with mad bare shelves, dawg.


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But how do you refresh your wardrobe without going totally broke or winding up with an embarrassing collection of tops that were five dollars due to sleeve irregularities**? With a little forethought, it's relatively easy to keep even your trendiest ensembles looking up-to-date. Except for your white leather jumpsuit. That should probably be burned.

Check out FLOTUS. Michelle Obama was recently photographed wearing a recycled dress that the First Lady wore back in 2009. Just by adding knee-high boots, a less formal hairstyle, and much more minimal jewelry, she owned her new look. It was totally a 2013 style do, rather than a stale holdover don't from four years back.

Mark me, shoppers: Invest in cardigans. A well-made cardi in a neutral color can change an entire look. Much the same can be said for a nice collection of basic belts in different widths. They can immediately freshen a look and save you from a fashion misstep. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a white leather jumpsuit to save from a fire.

What do you do to freshen up your wardrobe on the regs?


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*This is untrue and gross to consider.

*Fun fact: My arms are freakishly short for my body and often irregular sleeves fit me like a boss.

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