Desiree Hartsock Gets Candid About Catherine Giudici's TV Wedding

desiree hartsock chris siegfriedDesiree Hartsock may be bound to walk down the aisle to actually become Bachelorette winner Chris Siegfried's lawfully wedded wife, but not before Catherine Giudici ties the knot with Sean Lowe on live TV this January! Still, being a bridal stylist and consultant, of course Des has words of wisdom to offer Catherine before her Big Day!

When Wetpaint caught up with her late last week at the ULTA Beauty Kiss Kart, where she was helping to raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Des was happy to talk about what kind of wedding dress her fellow Bachelor alumna might want to consider ...


Des notes:

The one thing that does look best on TV is sparkle, as I’m sure you’ve seen from a lot of the gowns. It’s really weird, in person it can look really gaudy, but on TV it does look really elegant. So, I would say having some sort of sparkle is key.

Nice. Makes sense. But at the same time, I hope she doesn't lose sight of the fact that this wedding can't be all about what "looks best' on TV. Catherine should choose whatever she wants, whatever dress she would have wanted even if there weren't ABC cameras and a national audience watching.

When wedding dress hunting, it's so easy as a bride to get hung up on what you think your parents would want you to wear, what your partner would like best, what will look best in photos, what is best for the weather/season/theme, what will go best with the flowers or the bridesmaid dresses. Ugh. It's just too much! Really, why make things more complicated than they need to be? The best way to go will always be the dress you can't help but fall in love with. The one you feel most beautiful and comfortable in.

Ultimately, it sounds like Des agrees, as she went onto advise the happy couple:

Just pretend the cameras aren’t there. Just enjoy the moment because they are doing it live, and that makes it a little different, and you can’t edit anything out. I just hope they can have the same moments that they’d have, regardless of TV or not.

YES. Because when it boils down to it, even if they have chosen to share it with the world, this IS Catherine and Sean's once-in-a-lifetime wedding. Not anyone else's.

Do you think Catherine will take Desiree's advice into consideration?

Image via Desiree Hartsock/Instagram

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