Jennifer Hudson's Bold New Haircut Is Too Risky for Most Women (PHOTO)

Jennifer HudsonWhen I first saw this pic of American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson's new pixie cut, I had to do a double take -- because I didn't even recognize her without her gorgeous, long locks!

She showed off her new look at the Black Girls Rock! event at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center this past weekend, and if other attendees didn't know Jennifer was attending, I'm sure they had to look twice to make sure it was her when she showed up on the red carpet.

Saying goodbye to that many inches of hair is a pretty big leap, and while Jennifer still looks as beautiful as ever, I'm not sure I'm digging this super-short style on her.


She's only 32 -- but she looks about 10 years older than that without the long hair we're all used to, which is exactly why this cut doesn't work on everyone.

I mean, it's not awful on her -- but I definitely prefer her with long hair. She just looks ... well, more youthful with locks that fall around her shoulders.

Really short styles can either make you look young, fun, and trendy -- or way more sophisticated and mature, which can be flattering ... or not.

But I guess all that really matters is whether or not Jennifer is happy with her new look, and based on her proud smile, it's clear that she's very confident in her own skin -- which is essential for rocking a style change this huge. If she wants to stick with the pixie thing for a bit, more power to her!

Would you ever try a pixie cut?


Image via Splash

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