‘DWTS’ Elizabeth Berkley’s Casual Coat is Beyond Cute & Way Affordable

elizabeth berkleyThe best thing about autumn? That's kind of hard to pin down. There are the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, for one. Plus, between Halloween and Thanksgiving there are some stellar holidays. We musn't forget that fall also brings with it the return of some of our favorite T.V. Shows. But perhaps most special of all about this slight change in temperature is the chance to don our fall outerwear.

Elizabeth Berkley was photographed headed to a late rehearsal for Dancing With The Stars on Sunday doing just that. She wore a short, moss colored coat with black leather detail. It's a look that is both totally on trend, and, because she's a celebrity, probably totally expensive. Lucky for us we can totally crib her look without trying to pay our bills in freshly fallen leaves as a result.


You've probably noticed looks similar to this one in nearly every store this season. From high end to designers to more reasonably priced locales, this biker-chick-meets-army-officer look is great. I really love how it isn't just ONE look. There are enough variations on this theme to still let your personality shine through.


I also love that you don't need to sacrifice your entire fall budget (or your moral code) to play with this trend. If you're willing to go with fake leather (and who isn't), you can snap up not just one but several looks close to the one Elizabeth is wearing in the photo above. I really like some of the offerings H&M has available for sale online. Even Target is getting in on the game with coats for less than forty bucks a pop! Go and get yours now before the temps really drop and we're bundled up in our puffy coats once more.

Are you digging this trend, or are you sticking with something different this fall?


Image via KAT/Splash

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