Crazy CEO Says Women Who Wear High Heels Don't Have Brains

Jorge Cortell is the CEO of a health-care software company called Kanteron Systems. I'm going to guess he's a pretty intelligent guy and, like most of us, shouldn't be slammed for making what are more often than not false prejudgments of people based on what they're wearing. I hate to tell you how often I've done this -- in my head, of course, where all stupid and wrong judgments belong

But when you're a grown man who is respected in your field and you attend a meeting with other like-minded professionals, and you decide to pull out a camera at this meeting, snap a creepy photo of a woman's high heels, and post it to your public Twitter account along with a nasty message that implies she doesn't belong at the conference because she can't have a brain if she's wearing're on your own, buddy. 


Cortell's exact post read: "Event supposed to be for entrepreneurs, VCs, but these heels (I've seen several like this)...WTF? #brainsnotrequired."

Oh, I don't care so much that Cortell fancies himself Joan Rivers and has an opinion about the woman's stiletto black heels, which she appears to be wearing with jeans (casual conference, I'm hoping). I care because he doesn't see the irony in how he is criticizing this woman for not looking like a professional while he is acting in a manner that is anything but by taking a photo of her feet and acting like a silly bully by posting it online.

And the misogynistic message behind his post and hashtag is clear: if you're a man, you can get away with acting like a rude and classless imbecile and yet still belong in a league of professionals, but if you're a woman you better choose your clothing and accessories wisely because you're an object first, darling.

It's no shock that Cortell has been slammed by many people. He has defended his post by saying heels are harmful to a person's health and that "self-harm means not too smart" in his world. If these were his actual thoughts at the time, I wish he would have posted something that reflected his concern for this woman's health. And no, that wouldn't have made the photo any less creepy.

Cortell is also arguing that he has scientific proof to back what he's saying. Here's my proof that he's wrong: Hilary Rowland, Condoleezza Rice, Marissa Mayer, and Natalie Portman. All incredibly intelligent women. All wear heels. Get over it and stop embarrassing the women who work for you -- and whom I all hope showed up for work this week wearing the most clownish stilettos they could find. 

Do you think women who wear heels seem less intelligent? 


Image Via Steven Depolo/Flickr


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