The 1 Beauty Product You Probably Aren't Using That Will Change Your Life

woman applying beauty creamYou know how there are those certain things that you stumble upon one day and think, "where the hell has this been my entire life?" Yeah, well that happened to me a couple of weeks ago, when I discovered the most amazing beauty product on the planet -- which I cannot believe I went a whole 36 years without applying to my face.

Flash back to a couple of months ago, when I was picking up few odds and ends at Sephora. The sales girl asked me what brand of foundation primer I was using, and I looked at her and said, "I don't use a primer ... what's primer?"

And then she looked at me like I had two heads and told me I simply had to use foundation primer before I put any other sort of makeup on my face, because it creates an even surface for the other stuff to glide on top of.


I listened to her pitch with a semi-interested look on my face -- but I didn't buy it. (I'm no sucker.)

Fast forward to two weeks ago, when I finally took the plunge, went back to Sephora, and decided to give this primer stuff a try. I picked up a tube of the Laura Mercier version -- but I really didn't expect anything much from it.

You guys? I'm absolutely blown away by how magical it is. You know how after an hour or two, your makeup kind of settles into any fine lines and wrinkles you've got going on -- making you look kind of dull and old? Well with the primer -- that doesn't happen anymore. It's like it gives your face this beautiful, smooth canvas for your makeup to be applied onto -- and suddenly you not only look fresher and younger -- your makeup stays in place all day long and you don't have to keep doing touch ups.

And I'm not the only one who notices how much better my face looks. (I'm not trying to be conceited. I swear.) The other day, a friend of mine kept telling me how good I look -- but admitted there was something different about me that she couldn't put her finger on. Duh. It's gotta be the primer. That's the only part of my beauty routine I've changed recently, so I'm giving it all the credit for sure.

I could seriously kick myself for not giving it a shot sooner, but now that I know how amazing it is? I'll never leave the house without it ever again. I'm obsessed. And you will be too. (You wait.)

Do you have a beauty product you feel has changed your life?


Image via Strauss/Curtis/Corbis

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