Katy Perry's Adorable Childhood Look is One She Should Revisit (PHOTO)

katy perry Katy Perry writes catchy songs, and she's insanely beautiful. But when it comes to other descriptors, I don't know that the word 'demure' is really appropriate. She's a wild-woman, and proud of the fact. More often than not she's wearing an eye-catching (and eye-popping) ensemble. These get-ups usually feature some sort of cupcake theme. If not one confectioner, there's another prominently featured -- exhibit her whipped cream bra projectiles. 

The woman is all about taking some fashion risks, of the typically hilarious variety. But that hasn't always been the case. Just like Madonna wasn't born in a punk-themed wedding dress writhing around on a stage, Katy Perry wasn't born wearing skin-tight Lycra. Once, she was just a silly, cute, conservative little girl. This is something she reminded us of on Twitter.  


The good-humored pop sensation posted a hilarious and touching picture of herself as a younger (blonder) Katy. Even if you aren't into her music, you can't help but coo at the photo she shared. In it, the young Katy grins sheepishly for the camera while wearing a cute, nautically inspired navy and red dress. I love everything about it. 

#Throwbackthursday in my sailor moon dress! on Twitpic

While her bowl cut and her jaunty pose might inspire giggles, they also made me think. If Katy can get this much of a reaction from a perfectly demure little-girl outfit, maybe she should start going towards more tame clothing like this in her adult life. After all, you can only shock your audience with your look for so long before they become well-familiar with your shtick. Maybe taking a page from her own past style is the way forward.

Do you want Katy to try a new look or stick with what she's always done?


Image via Frank Trapper/Corbis


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