Kate Middleton Wears Gorgeous Dress That's Bound to Start a Trend (PHOTO)

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kate middletonThursday night, Kate Middleton had her first official appearance since she and William moved back to London and, much to everyone's surprise, she looked like a 200-year-old hag that was just dragged out of the sea. JK. The Duchess looked awesome, as usual. But seriously, when is this woman going to look like a sea hag?! Commoners heart sea hags!


Kate hosted a 100 Women in Hedge Funds Philanthropic Initiatives gala dinner at the Kensington Palace State Apartments. She wore a stunning low-cut, navy blue gown with cap sleeves that was, unsurprisingly, Jenny Packham. And she completed the look with a diamond bracelet; long, loose curls; and natural makeup. She looked every bit her usual lovely self and didn't appear, for a second, to be sleep-deprived.

It isn't every day that we see a gown with a sweetheart neckline and longish cap sleeves, but I've gotta say: It should be. The sleeves make this dress, and it's a nice departure from the go-to strapless or sleeveless dresses we're so used to seeing on celebs.

Kate, you've done it again. Now, can you at least go as a sea hag for Halloween?

What do you think of the Duchess' latest look?


Image via Splash News

kate middleton


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cleig... cleigh717

So what trend did she start? I am confused.

ILove... ILovemyPaulie

She always looks great because she dresses in classic styles not trendy. Pure elegance not the trash you see here in the USA.

Frances Williams

The headline and beginning of this report, I found unacceptable.

It is not clever or witty it is just crass and attention seeking for the author... not a successful report . I suggest That Duchess of Cambridge needs no additions, she shines for herself and in her own way.  Her style is her own. Lovely



nonmember avatar Kathy

Her gown for this event was perfect. Her poise was perfect and very much admired by others. Kate dresses exactly right for any occasion .

Kimdom Kimdom

She will always look smashing. She could easily be a stylist for the stars and beyond. She's beautiful. We all need to take fashion advice from her. Where's her own fashion show,column,advice....anything to help the worlds women and men look better.

Marlene Ehn-McDonald

she looks   just beautiful . amazing color   for her ..but then shes always    looking  beautiful ..  !!


tel4him tel4him

Classy and elegant.  Exactly what I would expect from her.

Barbi... Barbiedip

Yeeaah that's not "natural makeup". 

nonmember avatar Faye

Way to go Catherine ; You nailed it as usual
You always look the part of a Princess. I know Diana is looking down with great approval. CONGRADULATIONS !

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