5 Steps to Looking Like a 'Mad Men' Leading Lady This Halloween (PHOTOS)

betty draperBetty's classic early '60s lookWithout a doubt, from The Walking Dead to Breaking Bad, there will be plenty of primetime show-inspired Halloween costumes out there this year. While I'm sure plenty of women will do their best imitations of Carrie from Homeland, True Blood's Sookie, or their favorite Downton Abbey heroine, there's no shame in sticking with tried, true, and beyond glam, aka ... Joan, Peggy, Betty, or Megan from Mad Men!

With the right vintage outfit, earrings, and hairstyle, you could easily transform yourself into any of the AMC drama's leading ladies, but there is a key element you've gotta get down pat if you want the look to work: the makeup. Thankfully, Mad Men makeup artist Lana Horochowski offered some tips to ELLE recently on how to score the perfect '60s makeup to mimic your favorite Mad woman -- on Halloween or anytime!

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1. Do NOT use certain products that aren't true to the era. Whether Megan Draper was getting her hair and makeup done to step in front of the soap opera cameras or Betty was doing her face for a political fundraiser, neither would've used powder blush, water-based liquid foundation, or a mascara wand, Horochowski warns. "They would have used a cream blush. ... We tried to stay as true to the formulas in the beginning of the show as possible, including painting on the mascara with a brush as opposed to a wand."

2. But getting the late '60s look is a different story. Horochowski notes that liquid foundation was around in the second half of the decade. Plus, "women began letting their skin show through and instead focused on the crazy, heavy Twiggy eye, which involved layers and layers of mascara and false lashes."

3. For instance, if you want to do your best impression of Megan Draper-in-1968: "Pile on mascara on the top and bottom." Horochowski recommends trying Lancôme Hypnose Drama, because it's "super thick. It’s like spider lashes in a jar." She continues, "Do a darker shadow in the crease but skip liner. And instead of connecting the shadow to the outer corner of your eye, just wing it out so the shadow acts as a wing instead of liner. Then do the same with the shadow on the lower lash line so you get a double winged look, but it’s softer, more forgiving, and easier to manipulate than using a hard and dangerous black line. Lastly, pair the eyes with a nude or pale lip."

joan harris

4. But if you're doing your best Joan, certain rules apply: Horochowski explains, "Matte reds, bright pinks, and coral [lipstick] helps create a more retro look. ... For evening, strip lashes are always a bonus."

peggy olson

5. No matter which character you want to be, certain rules apply. Horochowski explains her general philosophy for all of the actresses on set: "Definitely focus on your eyebrows. They need to be thicker and more defined. Then use a liquid liner, or if you want something easier, use a gel liner. Finish your eyes with lots of mascara. For lips, do a colored matte lipstick versus a gloss. There’s something so feminine about a colored lip."

mad men women megan peggy betty joan

6. Finally, consider the following Mad Men-approved products: Horochowski swears by MAC Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base on the cheeks ("the bright coral shade is perfect for the '60s"), Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils and Tom Ford Lip Colors ("they’re so pigmented and last all day"), and Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil to fill in brows, then wet a brush and dip it in the Brow Powder Duo to get a really straight line. For foundation, Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation is the go-to, because "it's pretty sheer, but you can really build it up."

Which Mad Men character would you be for Halloween and why?


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