Mariah Carey Turned Her Injured Arm Into a Seriously Cool Accessory (PHOTO)

mariah careyMariah Carey has never been one to shirk when it comes to performing her essential duties as a diva. In the past the songstress proudly admitted to wearing high heels while exercising. So it's clear she's someone who values looking good, no matter the cost. Sing me a song of your to-the-hilt fashion, Mariah. I will listen, in troth.

For a while not so long ago, Mimi made the rounds with her arm in a sling. She shrugged off questions about it, saying it wasn't a big deal at all, just a little accident. Being who she is (a queen of style), she made the injury less noticeable by dressing it to match her various outfits! It was glamorous and hilarious (just like our girl). So you can imagine how surprised we were to hear that her passion for accessorizing was hiding a much more painful injury than we thought!


It turns out the "little injury" was a whole lot bigger than she originally let on. She dislocated her shoulder AND her ribs (side note -- I did not know that dislocating your ribs was a thing that could happen and am horrified). To top it all off? She had major nerve damage, from which she is only just now recovering.

mariah carey

Even now, the diva isn't 100 percent better -- but she's getting closer every day. Mariah's not the first singer to mask a painful injury with a stylish solution. Remember Lady Gaga's golden wheelchair? Still, Mariah's arm-sling wardrobe wins top marks with me. After all, it's all about subtlety. That's right -- I maybe just called sequins, leather, and metal studs "subtle."

Do you think it's a cute idea to dress up an injury or just dumb?


Images via Kevin Mazur/Getty; Jerrit Clark/Getty

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