Kate Middleton's Shoes for Prince George's Christening Are as Fabulous as Ever (PHOTO)

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Kate Middleton Prince WilliamFirst we went nuts over the absolutely brilliant Alexander McQueen suit she donned for Prince George's christening, and now it's time to ooh and ahh over Kate Middleton's lovely L.K. Bennett pumps. They paired perfectly with her entire ensemble for her baby's big day.

No, my friends -- there was no sign of foot pain going on based on how Kate was strolling along in her shoes without a care in the world. And how gorgeous are these things?!? I love how in addition to matching her cream-colored suit, they have sort of a shiny texture going on, making the outfit a bit more formal than it would've been with just a standard pair of leather heels.

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I guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised though, considering Kate has never had a footwear fail in her life (as far as we can tell). And yes, we've definitely seen her in similar pumps before. This particular pair is a bit lighter in color than the nude heels we've seen her in over and over again, but as far as I can tell, they appear to be the same style -- or very close to it.

One thing's for sure -- the Duchess of Cambridge is basically a walking ad for L.K. Bennett. Who doesn't want to own the same pair of pumps that Kate wore for one of the most special occasions in her life?

She's a smart cookie to stick with a line that works for her though. If nothing else, it makes shoe shopping so much easier rather than trying on brand after brand to score the right pair.

Wait a second. I've been following that same concept for at least a year now -- though I tend to fall back on Aerosoles with extra cushioning for my old lady feet in lieu of fancy heels like Kate's.

(Yeah, you're right. There's really no comparison there.)

What is your favorite brand of shoes?


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cathrine is beautiful in any thing she wear and that beautiful smile her and william are a perfect couple and william puting pics of his beautiful mother she not hear on eatth but she is heaven looking down and being so proud that her son are so

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