Lea Michele's Surprising Wardrobe Malfunction Has Us Embarrassed for Her

lea michele elle women in hollywoodMost of the time, it seems like triple-threat Lea Michele can do no wrong -- especially when it comes to how she dresses! The Glee star's personal style usually showcases her super-keen sense of what's sexy without going overboard, chic and feminine, trendy but flattering. Notice how I say ... most of the time. Because once in a while, she misses. Like on the red carpet of ELLE's 20th Annual Women in Hollywood event on Monday.

Stepping out in a Calvin Klein Collection ensemble with her "date" Estee Stanley, Lea flashed cleavage, underboob, and midriff -- oh my. However, while it looks like the cleavage and midriff exposures were intentional, the underboob ...? Notsomuch.


In fact, it looks like the dress was cut ever so slightly too small (which is really sort of a joke considering how teensy-weensy, almost worringly thin Lea is these days) and, thus, didn't fit properly. Eek, cringe-worthy ...

Even if it HAD fit properly, I'm just not feelin' it. Maybe it's the seersucker material, but it looks way too summery, casual, even play dress-ish -- obviously sans the not-big-enough boob strip. It almost strikes me as a dress someone on Project Runway would've made with some crazy fabric and timing restriction. Mostly, I think it's just that I'd expect more from Calvin Klein and Lea's stylists, who are supposed to be looking out for her!

Oh well, better luck next time, I guess. Let's hope there are more clean lines, bold, bright colors, and crisp materials in Lea's fashionable future.

Do you agree that this look simply isn't working for Lea? Would you wear it?


Image via Splash News

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