Julianne Hough's Makeup-Free Look Is One We Should All Steal

julieanne hough Julianne Hough was recently photographed in Beverly Hills. Why is this remarkable? Because the Dancing With the Stars alum was gallivanting about town without any makeup on her face. While it's the norm to gasp about celebs appearing bare-faced in the real world, I am totally not surprised.

That's because SHE HAS GOT AMAZING SKIN. If my skin were that flawless, I'd probably walk around naked -- as it would be my best accessory. That said, I'm also not down with the idea of spending time behind bars. Because I am too pretty for jail. Still, the picture got me thinking ...


Do you love a natural makeup look, but lack the confidence to rock it on the regs? I often find myself in the same boat. Sure, there's a lot of internal work I can do to bolster my ego (belting the Xtina song "Beautiful" for starters), but in a pinch, here are 5 ways to fake a make-up free look.

1. Neutral Eye Shadow

Using a neutral shade for your skin tone, and an angled liner brush, quickly line just your top lash-line with the shadow. It's less harsh than liner and gives your entire face a focused, fresh look.

2. BB Creams

Part moisturizer, part foundation, all awesome. Almost every makeup company sells one. Rather than provide total coverage, these little wonders make your skin shine (in a good way), minimizing fine lines and even dryness.

3. Ditch the Blush

Use your highlighter instead! A little highlighter on cheekbones gives a suspiciously rosy glow that's less obvious than blush.

4. Pick a Feature

When in doubt, play up just one feature on your face. Pick your cheeks, your eyes, or your lips to make up and you'll sparkle without appearing to be "overly finished."

5. Your Alternate Mascara

Nine out of 10 women are using black mascara. Because it is awesome. But keep a brown or clear in your back pocket for these occasions -- it'll lengthen your lashes and brighten your eyes without looking fake or clumptastic.

Are you married to your makeup or do you go barefaced without shame?


Image via Splash

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