New 'Carrie' Star's Red Carpet Look Is Totally Overpowering

chloe grace moretzI have mixed feelings about this look Chloe Grace Moretz recently rocked. Admittedly, this partially comes from a not-so-small fear that the Carrie actress could read this post and decide to take my life with her brain. That said, it's a troubling dress. Some might say it's a classic example of a dress wearing you instead of the other way around.

The popular consensus is that the dress is "too big." I take issue with that. It isn't the sizing that off: It's the structure. It's a whole lotta dress! Check that thing out! The print, the architecture of the ruffles -- there is much happening. But that's not the only problem.


The dress is by Vivienne Westwood. This means that while there's definitely an element of elegance to the gown, it is also designed with a punk-goth aesthetic informing its concept. I don't think Moretz (or her stylists) kept this in mind while polishing off her look.

A smoky eye, a chunky necklace, an ankle boot paired with it -- these are all things that could have elevated this from "meh" to "meh-verlous!" Let's just ... pretend that worked and move on. It's not the worst thing I've seen on the red carpet, but it ain't the best. It does its wearer a disservice, which is too bad. Even in Carrie the blood-drenched prom queen wears a tailored, pretty dress to the dance. This is not a look she'd approve of -- and I think we can all agree she isn't someone we'd want to cross.

Do you think accessories would have made this dress work, or is it beyond all hope?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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