5 Unique Wedding Shoes for Every Bride's Style (PHOTOS)

You know how everyone tells a bride that her wedding day is her special day -- meaning, what she says goes? Well, the same rule should apply to her shoes. The trend of wearing white satin heels is extremely limiting for the bride who wants to express her style through her footwear.

Thinking outside of the box when choosing wedding day shoes opens up the options to colors and styles mainstream brides would never even consider. Not a heels girl? Then don't wear heels! Do you swoon over 5-inch platform pumps? By all means, rock those heels! Or maybe you live in Seattle and know that more likely than not, it's going to rain on your big day. Rain boots are the most practical way to go! Make your wedding day uniquely yours with shoes that make you feel your best!

Over on The Prowl, we rounded up bridal shoes that are only fit for fashion daredevils. Preview our unique picks below!


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