Kim Kardashian's Sexy White Swimsuit Drives Her Haters Insane (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianOh, good GRIEF. Can't a girl catch a break?!? Remember that super revealing selfie Kim Kardashian posted while wearing a white bathing suit and looking all kinds of sexy and gorgeous?

Yeah, well instead of having people applaud her for whipping herself back into shape after baby North West's birth, she's being forced to contend with haters. They can't resist throwing nasty comments her way in an effort to kill her self-esteem.

Before I go any farther, take a look at the pic one more time.



Kim Kardashian

She looks smokin' hot, right?

Personally, I think she looks beautiful, and even though she's showing more than a little bit of skin, there's nothing remotely trashy about Kim's picture. (Sure, it's a little risque -- but are you really all that surprised? This is Kim, we're talking about.)

But would you believe people on Instagram are calling Kim disgusting for putting herself out there like this? To sum up their unnecessarily harsh words, they think that a.) her butt is too big, and/or b.) she shouldn't be posting selfies that are remotely sexy -- because she's a mom.

And that just makes me so, so irate. Whoever said you had to give up wanting to look hot in a bathing suit and shouldn't wear one or shouldn't share a photo of yourself wearing one simply because you did the whole reproduction thing?

If anything, that's the one time in a woman's life where she needs to feel sexy the most. I just don't see how anyone can look at Kim's photo and not want to give her a huge pat on the back for embracing her curves and not being afraid to flaunt them. If my ass was that dimple-free, I'd wear that suit to work every day. (Settle down. I work from home.)

Love her or hate her, it's hard to deny that she looks pretty amazing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably just insanely jealous that they can't parade around in a tiny white swimsuit and actually get away with it.

Do you think this swimsuit is too sexy for a mom? Would you post a photo of yourself wearing it?


Images via Splash/Instagram

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