Katy Perry's Hot Career Move Will Be Her Most Stunning Yet (PHOTO)

katy perry covergirlKaty Perry may have sworn off of wearing way-too-revealing outfits going forward, but she's not putting down the mascara or uber-red lipstick any time soon. In fact, she's stepping her beauty game up a notch -- by becoming the new face of CoverGirl! The pop star made the exciting announcement today via Twitter, writing, "BEAUTIFUL news to share w/you all. Today is my 1st day as a @COVERGIRL! See what happens when you let the light in? #COVERGIRLKATY!" Aww! How fun!

This means Katy will follow in the footsteps of other CoverGirl spokeswomen like Christie Brinkley, Sofia Vergara, Queen Latifah, Pink, Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Barrymore, etc. Seems like a perfect fit! What's more, I'm thinkin' it's pretty awesome news for makeup-aholics like yours truly.


Esi Eggleston Bracey, VP and general manager of CoverGirl Cosmetics, elaborates:

Never afraid to express emotion, strength, vulnerability or independence, Katy is the embodiment of a true COVERGIRL -- someone we root for, identify with, and get inspiration from.

And the brand's citing Katy's "passion, playfulness, and bold style sensibility" as ideal for the range that "comes ready to roar."

Ha, cute, right? And hopefully a clue that the Katy-promo'ed products are going to be edgier than what we've seen as of late from CoverGirl -- maybe more glam, a little bolder, sexier, Hollywood, you know? (Maybe a bit more MAC than generic drugstore makeup, if you catch my drift ...) I'd love to see products that are actually similar to or reflect what she actually wears. The woman's almost always rocking covetable eye makeup and pout hues!

Let's hope it doesn't mean they plan on taking that "ready to roar" thing literally. Ugh, I can see it now -- leopard print shadows and cheetah-colored lipstick. No thanks. As long as Katy can rein in any of that nonsense, the playful products coming out of this partnership should be good to go!

What do you think about Katy becoming a CoverGirl? What kind of products do you think she'll promote?


Image via Katy Perry/Twitter via CoverGirl

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