Nicki Minaj’s Topless Look Doesn’t Sell Us On Her New Fashion Line

Nicki MinajWhen I think Kmart, I don't think crazy, risky fashion. I think practical tops and also a place to buy cereal in a pinch. Also laundry baskets. But when I think Nicki Minaj, crazy, risky fashion choices are totally de rigueur. That's why her pairing up with Kmart to launch her fashion collection seemed so totally bonkers. Not that I was entirely opposed. After all, I love bonkers.

From her appearance at the opening night of her line, Nicki isn't going to disappoint. At least, if her own ensemble for the evening was anything to go by. Woman arrived in a bubblegum pink car! This is not the entrance of a lady who plans to compromise her aesthetic for anyone -- not even a company selling her clothing line.


While the bling Nicki wore and her painted on denim were without fault, the rest of the outfit fell short of the mark. Nicki wore a bright, purple blazer with ... her skin. There was no shirt happening. I've been there. I get as overheated as the next girl, but listen, I'd pick raining sweat over exposing a nipple to strangers any day of the week. I don't think you can even say "nip slip" when the nipple in question has no clothing to escape from, you know?

She finished off her look with a pair of white, peep-toe, lace-up shoes. Not that anyone noticed them, because she was wearing no shirt. I, for one, can't imagine how her line is going to sell at a place like Kmart. Who is going to buy these clothes? The line is comprised of kooky prints and all manner of bustiers. It's edgy and daring and slightly weird and totally, totally wrong for a place like Kmart.

Do you think Nicki's line will be a success or a failure?


Image via Splash

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