4 Ridiculous Shoe Trends We Secretly Adore

Emily Abbate | Oct 17, 2013 Beauty & Style

wedged sneakersWhen it comes to fashion-forward footwear, the things that are trendy aren't exactly practical, and let me tell you -- it's frustrating. Do you hear me, ladies? I mean, I want to wear every sneaker wedge on the market, but for heaven's sake, how can a woman A) look normal doing so without getting sideways glances and B) wear them for hours on end?

I guess that's how it all works, right? Weird things hit the market, we hate them for a while, then they catch on and we still pretend to hate them, and then somehow overnight WAM, you own four of the wonky item in every color available.

Just you wait and see, sneaker wedges are only the tip of the iceberg. Here, let's talk 4 wacky footwear trends (that we secretly love):

Are you a fan of any of these shoes?

Image via Kohl's

  • The Sneaker Wedge


    Ohhhh, the sneaker wedge. From my experience you either love the look or absolutely despise it with a heated passion. Are they logical? Of course not. Sneakers are supposed to be for athletic activity, and no woman in her right mind would go run a quick lap around a track in a pair of wedged sneakers.

    The verdict? I'm obsessed with mine. In fact, I just ordered another pair from Nike. This particular Candie's wedge ($31.99, kohls.com) is comfortable enough to walk around in for an entire afternoon, coming in at about 2 1/2 inches.

    I'm sure your question is Emily, where the hell do I wear these? So far my answer is to a bar, to the movies, to brunch ... so I'm gonna go with most anywhere (except maybe your niece's bat mizvah).

  • The Peep-Toe Boot


    This season especially I've been super puzzled by the open-toe bootie. As adorable as they are, you can't wear them with tights or stockings because, well, how awkward is it that your tootsies are exposed to the world? And even worse, if it's cold and your toes are exposed -- well, um, your toes are cold! Brrrr.

    The verdict? I still stick by the idea that they're pretty impractical, mostly because I want to wear tights and it feels weird. However, I do think they're stylish and love my pair ($149.95, stevemadden.com). I also adore the suede fabric, and I find them super comfortable. Perfect for fall weather right now, but bringing them into my winter wardrobe would pose a problem.

  • The High-Heeled Boot


    Well HELLO heel! High-heeled boots have jumped to a whole new level this year, with four-, five-, and even six-inch styles owning store shelves. These Crossin boots from Call It Spring ($80, callitspring.com) add a whole lot of height. And as cute as they are, I had my doubts about if they would be comfortable, or if I would look like Frankenstein walking as soon as I put them on.

    The verdict? They're super comfortable considering the front platform reduces the angle when your foot is inside. Seriously, I was able to wear them out for an entire night without feeling like an injured animal (oh come on, you can relate!). While they're a bold statement, I think every woman is allowed to have a little fun once in a while. My choice for these babies? Girls' night out or, even better -- Halloween is almost here!

  • The Sock-Sneaker (So I'll Call It)


    I'll be the first person to admit that I'm a sucker for cool new sneakers. As an avid runner, I just can't help it. However, I feel all sorts of weird about Nike's new Free Flyknit ($175, nike.com). The idea here is that runners get a natural feeling run, and nope -- you don't need socks.

    The verdict? I couldn't buy them, but they felt cool. The top of the sneaker literally feels like an aqua shoe you'd wear into water. The fact that you don't need socks, combined with the light weight of the shoe, makes me think they'd be great for someone who wants to move quickly. I love the way they look -- but for me, I just can't justify spending $175 on sock sneakers.


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