4 Ridiculous Shoe Trends We Secretly Adore

wedged sneakersWhen it comes to fashion-forward footwear, the things that are trendy aren't exactly practical, and let me tell you -- it's frustrating. Do you hear me, ladies? I mean, I want to wear every sneaker wedge on the market, but for heaven's sake, how can a woman A) look normal doing so without getting sideways glances and B) wear them for hours on end?

I guess that's how it all works, right? Weird things hit the market, we hate them for a while, then they catch on and we still pretend to hate them, and then somehow overnight WAM, you own four of the wonky item in every color available.

Just you wait and see, sneaker wedges are only the tip of the iceberg. Here, let's talk 4 wacky footwear trends (that we secretly love):


Are you a fan of any of these shoes?

Image via Kohl's

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