Miley Cyrus's Bold Fashion Choices Should Be Applauded Not Dissed

miley cyrus Miley Cyrus is not one to take her fashion lightly. You might not admire her style, but you can't deny she makes strong choices in everything she wears. This is as true offstage as it is onstage. She's the consummate performer and her ideas about what works and what doesn't are ever-evolving. You don't like one outfit? Stick around for a minute, she'll be happy to offer up something else.

I've never had an issue with Miley's style because I appreciate artists who push the boundaries. I don't just mean in one aspect of their life or career, but in every respect. Miley's definitely been doing that a lot lately. It's hard to keep up with her latest stabs at tackling modern fashion.


If you watched the VMAs you saw evidence of her rapid-fire costume changes. The futuristic and beige-toned plastic bra and high-raise panty combo were an unexpected choice. They were a fundamental and memorable part of her routine. People are still talking about it!

Out in public the girl rocked one of my favorite looks -- a mesh sweater. Of course, her take on this style meant substituting a bra with pasties. I do not do this, because, you know, I am not a rock star. Among a million other reasons. Miley's latest look goes past her daring nudity into another realm. Miley is covered in silver metallic body paint for a new video for "Real & True," a video by rapper Future dropping on Friday. Whether or not you dig the choices Miley makes when it comes to her newest looks, you can't deny that her bold choices are admirable.

Do you like Miley's style choices or find them to be blah?


Image via LAN/Corbis

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