5 Pieces of Clothing From College I Can't Seem to Part With (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Oct 16, 2013 Beauty & Style

closet full of clothesEvery season change brings a new opportunity for a wardrobe switch-up -- and a chance to go through old clothes to give away what we don't wear anymore, right? Well, I did that this past weekend, but I've gotta come clean about something ... No matter how many seasons go by, there are still some clothes from college -- from which I graduated, gulp, eight years ago! -- that I can't give up. Either because of the sentimental value and/or the fact that I feel like they're still so cute and/or they're actually useful and versatile!

See, I can even prove it! Ha. Here, five pieces of clothing from college I can't bring myself to pitch ...

Have you clung to any particular garments from college? Why?

Images by Maressa Brown

  • The Cozy Cardie


    It may have shrunken a bit in the wash over time, but this cozy ski sweater is a go-to even a decade later. And somehow, even though I'm the queen of staining just about everything I own, it's remained relatively white! Score!

  • The Pretty in Pink Wrap Top


    I loved this wrap top so much, I bought it in at least one or two other colors. But the hot pink with little feminine polka dots was always my fave.

  • The Cashmere Crop Cardie


    I scored this $200+ sweater marked down for $30 or less once upon a time (or probably about 10 years ago) at a cute boutique in Florida. Guess no one down there really had much need for cashmere, but living up north, I sure do! And I'm holding on to this soft and pretty find!

  • The Requisite Going Out Top


    I bought this sheer, colorful halter top at TopShop in London during my summer abroad in '05. I thought it was gorgeous then, and I still think it is. I may not be going clubbing anytime soon, but at least it still zips! Whoohoo!  

  • The Ultimate Wrap Cardigan Sweater


    Something about this pumpkin-hued cardigan sweater always screamed '70s vintage to me, and maybe that's why I feel like it's totally timeless. Like I snagged it out of my mom's closet or something. Except, no, I bought it sometime circa 2004 and just keep leaving it in my own closet year after year after year!


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