Snooki's Bulky Shoulder Pads & Baggy Pants Make Us Miss the 1980s (PHOTO)

SnookiSometimes as a mom it can be tough to balance sexy with chic. But check out DWTS star Snooki's adorable white top and black pants ensemble -- complete with shoulder pads and a fat gold necklace, which somehow worked out to be the perfect combination of the two.

You know how sometimes you walk into a store and an outfit looks absolutely hideous on the hanger, but then you get it on and it's all sorts of adorable? Yeah, somehow I'm guessing that's what happened when she first went to get dressed in this get-up. 

It totally screams "1980s mom" -- but for whatever reason, it works.


It's cute and trendy but still sophisticated at the same time, which is basically what most moms aim for when venturing out in public, right?

And you know what else I'm really loving about Snooki's look? The fact that she's not wearing anything skin-tight. It seems like everywhere I turn to shop these days, everything is skinny this, super-skinny that, fitted here, even more fitted there. Honestly I'm really kind of over it at this point.

Snooki looks just as thin, put together, and hot in loose-fitting clothes as she does in clingy ones. Just goes to show that moms can dress like moms and still look and feel like a million bucks.

Even when they dare to wear shoulder pads. Who else thinks it's time to bring the '80s back?

What do you think of Snooki's chic outfit?


Image via Splash

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