Khloe Kardashian's Missing Engagement Ring Is Causing ALL Kinds of Speculation

khloe kardashianKhloe Kardashian was spotted without her ring recently while she was working out with little sis Kendall Jenner. In the pics, Khloe's hair is pulled back; she's wearing very little makeup; and she appears to be wherever she is to actually get a workout in instead of for a photo op. So while it's totally plausible that she's not wearing her massive engagement ring from Lamar because, well, who wears a massive ring from Lamar to exercise, let's get real here: She and Lamar are totally getting divorced.

However! Can we talk about wearing engagement rings and/or wedding bands all the time for a minute here? Personally, not into it.


I'd say I wear my rings about, oh, 70 percent of the time. It isn't that I'm trying to surreptitiously send a message to dudes saying, "Single and ready to mingle!" So not the case. Trust me, I barely leave my house. It's more so that A) I'm just not a huge jewelry person, and B) sometimes a sparkly engagement ring doesn't really "go" with what I'm wearing. I know. Big problems over here.

I don't wear my rings to sleep. In fact, I'm baffled and kind of in awe of women who do. I could never, ever in a million years fall asleep with rings on my fingers. Or a necklace around my neck. Or a bracelet around my wrist. I'm far too sensitive a sleeper (turn the fan on for noise, please) to be able to hit the hay dripping in jewels. And since I work from home a few days a week, I don't always get dressed. And if I don't get dressed, I don't usually put my rings on, because, well, why?

And it isn't just during sleep and loafing around the house like an ogre that I forgo m'rings. Sometimes, they just kinda don't "pair" with what I'm wearing. I like to mix and match. Sometimes I'll wear all of my rings (engagement ring, wedding band, wedding band of my mother); sometimes I'll wear one; other times I'll wear one with a random $5 ring from H&M on the same fingie as my wedding band. (Cool story, right?!) Depends on what I'm wearing/the kind of mood I'm in. What I have on my finger is never a direct correlation to the state of my marriage, and I'd never think that about another woman if she wasn't wearing her engagement ring or wedding band.

Except in Khloe's case. She and Lamar couldn't possibly be more dunzo.

Do you wear your wedding rings all the time?


Image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

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