Lauren Conrad Is Bound to Start a Trend With Her Awesome Engagement Ring Styling (PHOTO)

lauren conradFormer Hills and Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad got engaged over the weekend, and to put it perfectly bluntly, her ring is stunning. It isn't over the top. It isn't 234 carats. It's just really, really pretty with its gold band and solitary round diamond. And LC, style-savvy lady that she is, made her finger party even more happening with the cutest ring on her middle finger that had the word "love" emblazoned on it in pave diamonds.

How apropos.


I'm a big fan of dressing up your engagement/wedding rings. What I mean by that is there's no need to always make your fancy sparkler the star of your hand. Wearing a few different rings on your fingers -- mixing gold, platinum, diamonds, whatever -- looks super cool, in my opinion. You don't want to go crazy a la Rachel Zoe and wear 500 different massive rings all over your fingers, but another ring or two, like Lauren's, couldn't look prettier. (And the red mani and fancy restaurant backdrop don't hurt either.)

I tend to wear only my engagement ring/wedding band simply because of the fact that I really don't own a heck of a lot of nice jewelry. But after seeing how pretty and feminine Lauren's tandem rings look, I'm thinking of maybe investing in another nice(ish) ring for my middle finger. 

And maybe it'll say "love," too. That wouldn't be creepy at all guys, right?

Do you wear multiple rings with your wedding band or engagement ring?


Image via Lauren Conrad

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