Natalie Portman Beauty Secret Is Something She Made Herself

natalie portmanSince first seeing her way back when, I've always thought Natalie Portman is a beautiful girl. How could you not? But I just always viewed her as so young and vibrant and, well, young. I once saw her in person at a Wolfmother concert. She was standing in the crowd watching the show just three people away from me. So adorable. So carefree with her friends. So ... young looking. Of course this was years ago because I'm not even sure anyone listens to Wolfmother anymore.

Natalie is a mother now -- of a child of course not a wolf. And she's 32 years old. Which still means she's young and beautiful, but she's far out of the teen years. There is something about the way she looks on Marie Claire's November cover that makes me see her very differently.


She looks elegant. Wiser. More womanly. More motherly and I mean that in the best way possible. There's something that happens to women when we become mothers -- when we settle into motherhood. Natalie is a little over two years in. Something happens to a woman that gives her even more beauty -- there's this outer-worldly gorgeousness and an inner-goddess loveliness Natalie now possesses. It's a natural mama glow. Plus, those cheekbones! Those perfect brows! I have no idea what in the world she is wearing on that magazine cover (a curiously draped fabric with a skin touching belt?) but it doesn't matter. She still looks fabulous in it.

Marie Claire's cover says, "She's back -- and sexier than ever" and I couldn't agree more. Portman has four movies coming up (one being Thor: The Dark World with Chris Hemsworth!!!) and it's been two years since she won an Oscar for Black Swan. Her son Aleph is now 2. And she's living in Paris, moving from the States to be closer to husband's Ben Millipied's family in France. Ooooooh. So that's the secret. It's motherhood and France. We all know French women have the secret to getting old and getting better. Perhaps that's also what Natalie's in on now.

Whatever it is that Natalie is doing, it's working. I'm going to say that motherhood is a big part of it. Even if she's just getting into those terrible 2s with her son -- she's surviving and looking amazing while doing it. (Mamas, you all look gorgeous, too. Even with puke on you. Even when changing that poopy diaper.) Then again, everyone knows things start really getting wild during the terrible 3s. Good luck, Nat!

What do you think of Natalie's look on the Marie Claire cover?


Image via Marie Claire

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