These Shocking Before & After Photos Will Change the Way You Think About Makeup (VIDEO)

makeupI love makeup. Give me your glitter, give me your creams, pass any potion or tincture my way. Will it cover my blotches? Will it give me cheekbones for years? Will I be suddenly and supernaturally dewy of face? Bring it on. Makeup is funny and makeup is fun.

While part of the allure of makeup is its transformative qualities, I've never been a fan of makeup looks that seeks to hide your real face. I roll my eyes every time someone refers to my face-meat as "a blank canvas." Uh, nope, sorry. My face is a vivid masterpiece, dude. If we must use a painting metaphor, let's call makeup what it is -- the frame.


I don't mean for occasions like Halloween, obviously, where the point is to be something you aren't. I mean on the days when you're getting ready to go out with friends, or go to work. Why hide your face then? Consider the work of master Russian makeup artist, Vadim Andreev. In a series of photos from Andreev's website, you will be knocked over by what he can accomplish with the simple application of cosmetics.

From before to after, the women he features are unrecognizable. Is what Andreev can do with makeup astounding? It absolutely is. But I don't know that I can support the idea that our everyday faces are so grim, they need total disguising. That's exactly what these images seem to suggest. We look like monsters without makeup, and we have no other option than makeup or surgery. Andreev says that this is better than going under the knife. Well clearly. With makeup there's no actual cutting into your face. But to suggest that it's necessary if we ever want to pass cultural muster? That's just bogus.

Do you think these transformations are cool or unnecessary?


Image via Daily Mail

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