Giuliana Rancic Says Breast Cancer Changed Her Style for the Better

giuliana rancicGiuiana Rancic has been a style maven for years now and even has Joan Rivers' approval to co-host Fashion Police, so it's no wonder that after being treated for breast cancer, the E! star set out to help women undergoing or who have had treatment for breast or ovarian cancer with their fashion options. Specifically, she started a program called Fab-U-Wish, which helps grant women's "fabulous wishes" related to celebrity, fashion, fitness, or beauty.

Wishes granted so far include a shopping spree for a Marine stationed in Afghanistan, who lost all her hair during treatment and wanted to "feel like a woman again." Another was a surprise baby shower and weekend of shopping and pampering for two 20-year-olds, both pregnant at the time of diagnosis, who had connected on Twitter for support but wanted to meet in person after giving birth. Amazing, right?


What's really cool is that Fab-U-Wish seems like a natural progression for Giuliana, who says that what she went through with breast cancer "relaxed" her own personal style. She told the L.A. Times:

The people on set don't even recognize me when I arrive at the office. I like baggy boy trousers, baseball hats and dark glasses. All black. If you ran into me in a dark alley, I might scare you. Seriously. I think that when I am on camera, there is an expectation of heels and dresses, to some extent, but my style has evolved on set too. It's more structured and not so frilly.

And her own style evolution is only one of the things she's sharing with other women these days. She's also invested in talking about the choices and options women have before, during, and after treatment ... Giuliana recently spoke to the idea of how it's best, if they can, for women to plan in advance of chemo or mastectomy:

If you know that you will be undergoing chemo, start looking for natural-looking wigs and cute hats and scarves right away, so you can find what works for you. After a mastectomy, you have these horrible tubes, so you need loose-fitting clothes and pieces that button up the front, so you don't have to lift your arms. I found this site called that has great products for every stage.

I love how she not only became more laid-back and open-minded about her own personal style, but that she's doing her part to help other women find the styles that suit them best and help them feel their best while battling the disease.

How do you feel about Giuliana's style tips for women undergoing treatment?


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