Jessica Simpson's Amazing New Look May Not Be All Natural (PHOTO)


Jessica SimpsonWell, damn. That didn't take long. Her son Ace is only, like, 3-and-a-half months old, but after seeing this photo of Jessica Simpson at LAX, you'd never guess she had a small baby and a toddler at home.

She looks really slender. And not the least bit exhausted. And totally gorgeous and put together and happy and ... can I please have a sip or two of whatever she's drinking these days?

And don't even get me started on how perfect her makeup is, considering she'd just been on a long flight from Rhode Island to Cali. (Again, what kind of magic potion is she using?)

Yeah, yeah, Jessica has always been beautiful, but doesn't she look better than she has in years? Huh. The whole happy and in love mom of two thing really seems to agree with her.

But let's get back to her appearance in this pic -- how about that hair? She looks so fresh with the lighter shade of blond she has going on right now -- though it's a little tough to believe that all of that hair is real. She has to be sporting a few extensions, right? But fake or not, her mane is definitely enviable.

However, there is one more thing in this photo that jumps out at me as being less than natural. Zoom in a little closer if you can and get a good gander at Jess' upper lip. She's famous for her perfect pout and all -- but doesn't her top lip appear a little more full than normal? I'm not saying she necessarily had it injected (ok, so that's pretty much what I'm implying), but it does seem to be a little puffier than what I remember it looking like in the past. (Only my opinion.)

Oh, who cares though -- she's Jessica Simpson, and if she feels more confident after puffing up her lips, then good for her. But let's hope she doesn't do anything super major to alter her appearance from here on out. She really doesn't need any help in the beauty department, which I hope she realizes!

Do you think Jess had a lip injection?


Image via Splash

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Maias... MaiasMommy619

I thought her nose looked different...

Miriam Kennedy

Why do you think she did something unnatural to herself? She could just have lost weight from nursing two babies in a row -  and duh a lot of people's hair grows faster and thicker during and after pregnancy. Maybe she did her makeup on the plane too (a little lining and gloss is probably enough for the lip thing you mention) . I would if I were her knowing someone is likely to take my picture. 

nonmember avatar Sarah

Oh, Mary. Always so jealous and unsatisfied with yourself.

jamam... jamamama00

She has always had extensions put in.

nonmember avatar hunnybear

Oh Sarah, always so cynical & completely rude... Grow up, get a life & get over it.

nonmember avatar allyson

Nose job. Nose job. Nose job

nonmember avatar Me

Who cares, most famous people get lots all kinds of help. What I do find interesting is that in comparison to kim k, this article implies her kids are not with her, shes not getting any heat in leaving her babies home. Their youngest ones are the same age. Why was kim crucified in this site and many others for leaving her baby, and all its done here is just a quick mention of her babies back at home. Not a fan of either really, just funny how differently they are treated

Deborah Roill

who cares she doesn't look gross

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