When Good Fashion Goes Bad: Christina Hendricks's Costume-Like Vintage Fail

christina hendricksYou won't find me talking smack about Christina Hendricks too often. This is because one, I do not believe in girl-on-girl crime, and two, because she is the greatest. She is a gifted actress with the beauty and charisma held by screen sirens of days long gone by. Plus, she is a redhead, and we don't have many of those folks left. They must be celebrated in this, their final chapter.

Even a modern-day icon can make mistakes. Still, you'd like to think someone as innately stylish as this Mad Men star would be above blatant style blunders. But when it comes to vintage fashion looks, even the most skillful amateur stylists can botch it. Sadly, her latest ensemble proves that even Christina is not exempt. 


At a recent event Christina donned a throwback look that had people giving her double-takes. But it wasn't for the reasons she's used to. Her style was garnering stares of the "good god what has she done" variety.

Her furry green cap or black, knee-length cloak/poncho on their own might have been awesome statement pieces. But combined and paired with an oversized clutch and a simple-as-pie black frock, the entire ensemble made her look like the costume party had been cancelled and she did not receive the memo.

christina hendricks

It isn't entirely her fault. Vintage fashion is a tricky beast. It's hard to keep a look authentic and stylish without veering into costume-land. She would have been better off leaving the hat at home and paired her poncho with something a little bit more structured and formal in the way of a gown.

Do you think Christina's vintage look worked or fell flat?


Images via Fairchild Photo Service/Conde Nast/Corbis; John Sciulli/Stringer/Getty

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