Rihanna's African Safari Outfit May Be Her Wildest Yet (PHOTOS)

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Like Coco Chanel always said: if you're going on a safari in South Africa, you absolutely must wear your best T-shirt, camouflage boots ... and absolutely nothing else underneath.

Jeez, I get it, Rihanna, your fashion sense is way too avant garde to concern itself with what a timeless French fashion designer would or wouldn't do. Still, why would you take a risk baring your legs in front of possibly hungry wild animals? And can we talk for a minute about those safari boots?

First of all, it's probably, what -- 70 to 80 degrees in South Africa at this time of year? So you wake up in the morning and think: it's so hot I'll just pull on this Frank Chapter 51 Leaders T-shirt. Oh, I can't forget my sunglasses. Hmm ... maybe I'll debut my hot, not-yet-released, over-the-knee, high-heeled camouflage boots from my collection with River Island. Okay, what's missing, what's missing? Pants today? Nah. Now let's go pose with our legs slightly spread in front of a giraffe!

There's something intriguing and Vogue editorial about her shots and styling, but there's also something really cheesy about them. Wearing camouflage boots to a safari is kind of like going to church on Sunday dressed in a nun's habit. I don't know -- it's too perfectly planned out, which is the opposite of fashionable and cool, in my opinion. 

By themselves, I think the boots are lovely. They would pair well with denim or leggings and would fit in perfectly in most settings. But here's what you wear to a safari, guys: pants. Always. Sometimes you even wear these crazy things called safari pants, which actually contain pockets to hold necessities, like water and bug spray. 

But I guess Queen Rihanna hires someone to wear pants and hold water for her?

What do you think of Rihanna's safari outfit? 


Images via badgalriri

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