3 Reasons Wearing Leather Shouldn't Scare You

Katie HolmesI've been loving the leather trend in theory, but it's definitely one of those things that the average person can feel a little hesitant to jump into because ... just because! It can seem a little daunting: Too edgy, too expensive, too too! But it doesn't have to be intimidating; there are some really easy ways to incorporate leather into your look.

But first -- guess how much it would cost you to buy that exact same jacket that Katie Holmes is wearing in this photo?


$84! Yes folks, that brings us to our first point ...

1. If leather is too expensive (or you're morally opposed to it), no problem! Faux is in. This Catherine Malandrino for DesigNation pleather quilted moto jacket that Katie Holmes is wearing above is on sale right now for $84 at Kohls. (It's regularly $120.)

And this XOXO Faux leather pencil skirt is only $49 at Dillards:

XOXO Pencil skirt

2. If a garment made entirely of leather (or pleather) seems like too much for you, you can go for the ultra cool and totally wearable "mixed media" look. I for one would love to rock a pair of leather pants ... but in reality, I know there are very few places I'd ever actually wear them. (Like none.) But a dress with leather trim? Hot.

 mixed media dress

Designer mixed-media dress ($39.99 at Marshall's -- check MarshallsOnline.com for locations).

3. If you do splurge on a solid leather piece, you can rest easy knowing it's a worthwhile investment. First of all, leather lasts for a long time. A well-made leather jacket will stay great looking for years, as will a quality pair of leather pants. And, just as importantly, your investment piece is not going to suddenly be out of style next week. Leather isn't a fly-by-night trend, especially if you stick with something a little more classic, like a great leather blazer, moto jacket, pencil skirt, or sexy pair of pants.

 Jones New York jacketThis Jones New York leather jacket is normally $400, but it's on sale for $309.99, plus you can get another 20% off with the coupon code at Macys.com. 

Are you into the leather trend?


Image via Michael Simon/Startraks Photo

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