'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Wedding Style Would Make Any Bride Cringe (PHOTO)

maci bookout and taylor mckinney friends weddingTeen Mom star Maci Bookout and long-term boyfriend Taylor McKinney heard wedding bells the other day! Ah, no, not their own -- sorry to disappoint! Instead, the cute couple attended Maci's friends Hannah and Matt Lemoine's "I do"s in Athens, Georgia this past weekend.

In the pics of the happy occasion Maci shared on Instagram, the reality star is rocking her long, Ariel-esque red locks and her man's beard is suspiciously 20th President of the U.S. Garfield-ish, and that's cool. But what I'm not understanding at all is Maci's super-casual style -- a red crop top that almost looks like a sports bra (?!) paired with a black maxi skirt. NO ... just no.

I get what Maci was going for to some extent. She's edgy, sexy, bold, no wallflower. At least the skirt wasn't short, so she looked like she belonged at a club fist-pumping instead of at the nuptials of dear friends! But still. Had it been one garment -- a floor-length, color-blocked halter dress that covered her stomach -- I would have actually been into it. But the midriff aspect -- making it look like a sports bra and a yoga skirt -- wrecked it. Baring your midriff at a wedding is a flat-out fashion don't.

Of course there are more casual weddings that have far less stringent dress codes. Some people get married in their backyards and are all good with guests wearing anything from Hawaiian shirts to a short and flirty sundress. But I really feel like there are still some styles you simply do not wear to someone's wedding -- like a crop top or something that looks like a bathing suit or workout apparel or pajamas! Anything too casual, sloppy, or skimpy is OUT.

That said, Maci coulda done a lot worse, and of course she still managed to look glam. But maybe she'll learn with age that covering up her pupik next time would be the better, more sophisticated way to go.

What do you think about Maci's wedding look? What are some styles you think are definite no-nos for wedding guests?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Lilo

I hate it when people come to weddings in jeans. It's so disrespectful and an embarrassment to themselves.

Vegas... Vegas0036

I think she looks cute.


Amber Mayle

She looks VERY nice! That's the style now days, and Maci's always been very stylish! :)

nonmember avatar Kristen

I don't see what's wrong with it. I think she looks cute.

Enigm... EnigmaFish

I got married in jeans O.O

Jo-Ann Tuohey

There are no real rules nowadays, if you look good in it, wear it. And Maci has the body and the looks to wear what she likes..

Freela Freela

A bare midriff as an evening look is really on-trend right now.  You may not like the style personally, but she's definitely not pulling it out of nowhere.  A lot of designers are showing dresses cut similarly this year.  I would sooner have her in my pics than my aunt, who came to my wedding in a neon green, floral-patterned blouse and skort suit!

nonmember avatar Me

I think she looks very cute and totally wedding appropriate. It depends on the wedding, some weddings might be appropriate to go in very casual attire, some are more formal. Usually you are told what kind of attire will be appropriate, and judging from the crooms look, it wasnt black tie

nonmember avatar Katie

I think she looks cute. Crop tops are stylin right now!

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