Kim Kardashian Reveals Impossibly Flat Tummy 3 Months After Giving Birth (PHOTO)

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kim kardashianEither Kim Kardashian has invested in the world's strongest pair of Spanx or she literally has the most toned stomach of any woman who's given birth three months ago. Nori's mama was photographed wearing a skin-tight navy dress while out to dinner with Kanye after his Kimmel appearance, and seriously. Her tummy couldn't possibly be more flat. There has to be some sort of shapewear going on underneath that bad boy, because all the exercise and dieting in the world won't give you rock hard abs that shortly after giving birth. 

In other news, has anyone else noticed Kim's style has totally changed since she's become a mother? I'm feelin' it. Except for that boobs-out dress. That was just ... no.

She seems more ... I don't know. I don't want to say casual, because this, and all of her Paris Fashion Week attire, were so not casual. (Though she has been spotted in leggings and cargo pants.) Maybe more New York fashiony, if that makes any sense? Before giving birth, I feel like Kim was all about the Kris Jenner white blazers, sky-high pumps, and lots of jewelry. Her clothing seems more streamlined now. I mean, she's been spotted in floor-length trench coats a few times recently. That was never something we saw in her repertoire before becoming a mama.

Personally? I'm quite fond of Kim's new look. Still on the fence about the blond hair, but I like what I'm seeing in terms of her clothes. Keep it coming, girl.

And, seriously, what do you have on underneath that dress?

What do you think of Kim's new look?


Image via Splash News



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bunny... bunnyxlover

im always thrown off when the title mentions something like this (flat tummy) and then says "photo"

but shows a completely different photo that has nothing to do with the title... and the real photo is hidden behind a link to somewhere else.

why do that??

worki... workingmama86

Well, if this is shocking or impossible to you, then you won't believe that I lost ALL of my pregnancy weight AND THEN SOME after having EACH of my children. I had a nice flat stomach after each baby was born within a couple months of having them. 

nonmember avatar J

You can see the line to the spanks she is wearing. Not a big deal but don't make things up like she looks that way naturally.

nonmember avatar Toni

I clicked on the link and Ummm no. Her belly isn't really looking anything out of this world. She has a small pooch, which I am sure she is working on. She looks haggard and frazzled and her hair is always a mess now. Which is sweet karma because she was a total jerk to Kourtney on many occasions. Saying that "being a mom is not an excuse to be tired and looking bad!" Lololol ahhhh sweet karma!

On a side note, those boots are hideously cheap looking. I am sure she paid a pretty penny for them, which is darn shame!


Lol you can definitely tell she's wearing spanx...

KMG92388 KMG92388

Honestly? I'm tired of all the focus on moms bodies post partum.  Some women lose the weight easily and some don't.  Motherhood is hard enough without feeling like our bodies are being inspected at every turn.


Bonnie Cobb

KIm has great shape before pregant ,during and now after.Pregency is so cute. Not everyone can have a baby that wants one, but after she had her babyshe really looks great . I do not like the blond look . Natural is always the best. Be real to yourself and you haritage.


Annmarie Labib

When u hv a new baby its obvious fools she would not be wearing a bunch of jewelry right away so as to not hurt ur new born, You folks look for every thing to blog about no wonder Kanye is how he is with u guys!

MamaP77 MamaP77

It's not that hard to believe. Three days after I had my daughter I was just as skinny as before, and with the right workout you can have unbelievable abs.

nonmember avatar L

There is nothing surprising about that. Many women get a flat belly after 3 months of giving birth. look at Kate Middleton.

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