Woman’s Hilarious Crab-Walk Makes Her Dated 'Pantsuit' Seem Almost Trendy (VIDEO)

pantzI am not one to deny the fact that I was not born stylish. While I mostly 'pass' as 'not completely insane' today, that was not always the case. In college I once swaddled my lower half in traditional Indian men's pants and asked a friend if I looked fat. Panicked he answered, "It's not that you look fat so much as you look ... like you're trying not to look fat?" Then he ran away. Also I once wore a '70s era business suit in red polyester with navy blue cats printed upon it. Verily, I know fashion.

I definitely cringe and giggle at my past. Sometimes I miss those days when I was brave enough to do something like wear a bright yellow unitard as clothes. Now I just wear mine in my apartment. That's why this viral video has made my life.


It starts simply enough, just a young woman, out of doors, and a gentle breeze. She shares with the camera her joy over a recent thrift-store purchase. For only $5, she's managed to buy a simple, floral print dress. Only not everything is as it seems ...

Before you can blink, she reveals that she isn't wearing a dress at all -- she's wearing a crazy early-'90s style pantsuit! Cue the crazy music, and the crab-dance, this broad cannot hide her enthusiasm for the newest addition to her wardrobe. Get on with your bad self, you crazy creature! Bad style never looked so good!

Do you think she's pulling off this look?


Image via YouTube.com

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