Hayden Panettiere's Engagement Ring Makes a Massive Statement (PHOTO)

hayden panettiere wladimir klitschkoI don't like to get all excited about engagement rings. I mean, it's just a dang ring and it doesn't have to be really big to mean the guy loves you. Right? Riiight. But my gosh when I saw Hayden Panettiere's engagement ring, I couldn't help but think, HOLY HOTCAKES THAT THING IS MASSIVE. It's gorgeous. I pictured the whole dreamy wedding dress fantasy. The tulle. The dusty millers and peonies. The groom lovingly watching his bride walk down the aisle. The flower girl with a crown of daisies in her hair. The whole nine. But I suppose the bling's got to be big. Hayden is a mega star (everyone seems to love Nashville) and her boyfriend, now fiance, Wladimir Klitschko, is a boxer. Like a big deal boxer. Like Muhammad Ali kind of good. Guy probably makes bank. And the ring sure reflects that.

Maybe her hand is just tiny making the ring look huge? She's 5'2" and weighs practically nothing. I guess, the bigger the man, the bigger the diamond. He's huge. It's huge. Take a look.


hayden panettiere

What are you guessing? Five carats? I'm bad at this kind of stuff. More? At least five. I wonder if it's an ethical diamond -- Hayden is an activist saving whales and dolphins and stuff. Surely she's not into blood diamonds. Though she did use a boa constrictor to announce her engagement on Live with Kelly & Michael. (Is that ethical? Was PETA upset?) It was some kind of funny to distract attention from that massive bling. Didn't work, of course. They all laughed and laughed and laughed. Awww. Congrats to these two!

I'm sure the sparkler is totally legit and free from conflict and no one was harmed in any part due to this diamond. Except for maybe the paparazzi who are no doubt blinded when it's photographed.

What do you think of Hayden's ring?


Images via Splash

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